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Tel 212-564-4309 or by email to

With Over 400,000 Jewish Audience Members, we break down our Jewish audience lists by background including Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Chasidic, Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Professionals and Philanthropists, we can reach the right donor for you.
Each Blast goes to an average of 25,000 with solid opens, clicks and action.
Our Network of Jewish websites including 5TownsDaily, BoroParkDaily, IsraelPressDaily, TheYeshivaWorld,,, Sephardic.Community, CrownHeightsDaily,, JewishCharityBox and  some of the most active websites on the internet. Jewish news, cooking, shopping, entertainment sites as well as city sites will get you the traffic and exposure you need to reach your fundraising goals.

Most of our Jewish related websites have both Instagram and Facebook accounts that correspond to them. We will post your ad on accounts like @kosherbaking, @kosherkouponz, @koshersimcha @israelpress and other accounts that have thousands of followers. We will not only get you exposure but set up hashtags and tags to drive traffic to your campaign

We have thousands of opt-in Jewish audience members that will receive a short messages notifying them of the urgency of your campaign. They will also receive a link that will lead them directly to your campaign online where it will be quick and easy for them to make a donation. The open ration for our SMS Text Messages are 100% and have proven results.
Whatsapp has proven to be one of the fastest growing and most effective ways to share information and raise funds. We currently maintain and post in many chat groups with different themes ranging from Real Estate, Buy/Sell, Tefilla, Tehillim and Jewish fundraising.
Your campaign will be seen by many and the results can ben astounding.
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