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Hi All

BE"H hope all is well and continues to be well with you and yours.

About 13 years ago, R' Reuvane Slater, wrote a very nice little book on Tachanun. Despite the fact that we won't be saying Tachanun until after Rosh Chodesh Iyar, I spoke to him about sending out a PDF version to people free of charge to be m'zaka es harabim. We have all heard what tremendous zechuyos can be had by saying Tachanun properly. We can use this "off" period to gain a better understanding of Tachanun for when we are back "on" and at same time tap into its zechuyos now by learning about it.

There is no charge for this. Please feel free to pass along. There are 2 PDF file links; one is more suitable for reading straight from your computer or smart phone and the other for printing. 

Thanks, sholom and hatzlacha!
Hashem should bless you all always!

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